About me

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As you may have noticed, I'm a science enthusiast. After a CPGE in Mathematics, a Bachelor's (French Licence) in Physics and Chemistry, a Master's (Magistère) in Fundamental Physics and Nanotechnology, I did a PhD in the INTEGNANO group at Université Paris-Saclay where I worked on leveraging the complex physics of coupled spin torque nano-oscillators to perform efficient machine learning on chip. I am currently working as an AI and Data Scientist at Treezor, where I perform fraud detection as well as prevention of money laundering and terrorism funding using machine learning-based document and transaction graph analysis. More generally, I am interested in physics, electronics, artificial intelligence, and biology (especially genetics and synthetic biology).


Some of my personal projects:

About this website

I wrote this website to post articles about topics that I have encountered and found worth sharing. It also allows me to share some code snippets I wrote because I didn't find them elsewhere, and that may be useful to someone else. The website uses a node.js backend and runs on a computer in my appartment. It also represents what I think a modern website should look like:

  • Self-contained: everything included on this website is hosted on it. No library/fonts download from google.
  • No javascript bloating: javascript is only used when necessary (interactive simulations). No jQuery, just native javascript. Everything that can be pre-computed without significant performance impact is computed server-side and cached.
  • No tracking: no cookies, no social buttons, no google analytics.
  • No image bloating: no useless megapixel background pictures of hipsters drinking coffee.
  • No pseudo-modern one-page scrolling nonsense: simple navigation through links that don't require scrolling through 20 content-less pages to find the right button.
  • Natively mobile- and desktop-friendly: no dynamic updates making the page jump around while you read it. Simple flex tags and CSS without media queries.
  • Secure: since the website is self-contained, strict Content-Security-Policy and other safety headers are enabled. High-grade HTTPS access is required.
  • Standards-compliant: all pages are fully compliant with the W3C standards.
  • Shitty appearance: just because I have a bad taste for cosmetics, otherwise the website would look gorgeous.